Accordion FAQ

1. Apply for "Professional Creator Certification" in the SelGreat APP, and you can publish after passing the certification.
2. Don't forget to set the payment information after passing.

1. After the user subscribes to the creator, the creator will be supported with a fixed amount every month.
2. Creators can get 81% income.

1. There are currently no retail e-books sold.
2. We suggest that you can treat the out-of-season e-books as fan benefits and set them as "Supporter exclusive" content.

1. After passing the professional creator certification, you can set it on the "Income Information" page.

1. Copy your SelGreat profile URL.
2. Use your social platform (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...) to promote your e-books so that more people can see your work and have the opportunity to increase more income.
3. Also welcome to discuss with us the best way to increase revenue through the contact information below.

1. The subscription system is a global trend. A stable and generous monthly income is a good way to run an online community for a long time.

1. You can cancel at any time on the "Professional Creators I Support" page in the SelGreat APP.

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